3 way splitter 5-1000mhz apa-221 схема

3 way splitter 5-1000mhz apa-221 схема
Output currents up to 10 A require heavy output wiring, large power-supply bypass capacity, and heavy com- mon ground point. Optional connection for ±15 V supply is also shown. — «Circuit Ideas for RCA Linear ICs,» RCA Solid State Division, Somerville, NJ, 1977, p 10. HIGH-ON LOGIC CONTROL— Uses Signetics NE571 or NE570 analog compandor. Только вот бывают ли терминаторы на 75 Ом?) Такое возможно для антенны?

Values are: Tr 2 2N3789; Tr 3 (for positive ground version) 2N3056; 0,-04 1N4001; D 5 18-V 400-mW zener; R, 56 ohms; R 2 1.2 ohms; R 3 10 ohms; C600VDC same size as points capacitor. Freedom from load variations is obtained with double-tuned output filter providing up to 6-dB attenuation between generator and load. Output of CA3130 inverting opamp is made as large as possible before being applied to rectifier and low-pass filter, to minimize effects of diode non- linearities and capacitor leakage.

Arrows are sometimes drawn open in- stead of solid. Separate oscillators for each band simplify switching problems, so only supply voltage from J, and oscillator out- puts to meter circuit need be switched. Based on separation of signal envelope from constant-amplitude carrier that together make up voice signal. Cir- cuit works equally well with pulses, square waves, and sine waves. Research and experimentation are thereby cut to a minimum, so even a single use of this cir- cuit-retrieval book could pay for its initial cost many times over.

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